Zhuo Door Products Co., Ltd. is located in the share capital of the Guangdong Foshan building materials, with plant area of nearly 8,000 square feet, with strong technical force and advanced production equipment. In recent years, the company business bigger, stronger, doing fine as a development goal, consumers enjoy a high reputation. Products are sold in major cities, exports in the Middle East and Central Asia. Zhuo door products industry is a professional steel doors, wood composite doors, polymer doors, aluminum doors four series of hundreds of styles began to design, manufacturing, and sales as one of professional manufacturers. I can plant according to the user making the current size of window and door openings corresponding suite door, the scene combined installation, simple..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Liu Sheng (Mr.)
    Tel: 0757-85655248
    Fax: 0757-85655248
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